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  • With a custom-built drill rig, we can prove a wide range of drilling services including but not limited to earth stake holes up to 20m hard rock drilling


  • COMMANDO DC120 is a hydraulic, self-propelled drilling unit on a 4-weel drive carrier 
  • Typical applications for the DC120 are foundation drilling, road cutting, trenching, bolting, line drilling and other special drilling applications 
  • weighting just under 3t this machine can drill
  • Available for dry and wet hire - contact for rate and terms 


  • This machine offers minimal footprint to the environment with a total length of 8.5m x 2.5m wide super singles all round with 4x4 making it a very capable rig in any terrain
  • This rig is setup with an onboard compressor pushing 200psi @ 400cfm with Aircore and Slimline RC to 104m
  • Cyclone splitting options
  • Rotary Splitter
  • Rotary cone splitter
  • Cone splitter


  • This machine is 9m in total length and 2.5m wide with onboard compressor pushing 250psi @ 500cfm with Aircore and slimline RC to 116m
  • Cyclone Splitting options
  • Rotary splitter
  • Rotary cone splitter
  • Cone splitter